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Lucky Pups Guide to Prepare for your new Corgi Puppy

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

All the things you need to know before the arrival of your new Corgi puppy.

Yay! It's almost puppy pick up day! Here is everything you need to know before adding a new furry family member to your home!

Here at Lucky Pups we want to see our Corgi puppies and their families starting off on the right paw! Being prepared and brushing up on your puppy care knowledge will ensure a happy and comfortable transition for you both.

With all the excitement and anticipation around welcoming your puppy home, it’s easy to forget important steps.Preparing your home and your family for your new arrival can put you on track and ensure a happy dog for years to come.

New Puppy Care

Whether you come to our farm to pickup you puppy, meet our flight nanny at your local airport, or meet us using our ground delivery, your puppy will come with a puppy starter pack. We include a few small items to get your puppy started, but it's a good idea to stock up on some other important puppy supplies before you puppy comes home. We will also share some of our favorite brands and products we use on our Corgis!

Puppy Starter Pack: What's Included

Corgi Puppy Supplies: What do I need to buy?


Puppy Starter Pack: What's Included

When you pick up your puppy, you will also receive our puppy starter pack. This includes a folder with paperwork, useful puppy information, and contact information. You will also get a bag with sample food, toy, supplies, etc.

What's included in your puppy folder:

1. Health Record – All the vaccinations and dewormer you puppy has had so far. Take this along to your 1st vet visit.

2. AKC Papers – you can fill these out online or mail them in.

3. AKC Pedigrees - pedigrees of both parents – anything in red is showing champion bloodlines or Canine Good Citizens.

4. AKC Pet Insurance – you can sign up for 30 days of free pet insurance through the AKC.

5. Lucky Pups Puppy Contract – our contract explains what is covered if there was a health issue found at your vet check. It also explains that at anytime during the life of your dog you are not able to take care of him/her we will take him/her back. *Please take your puppy for his/her health check as soon as possible and mail back a signed copy of your contract in the self-addressed envelope provided.

6. New Puppy, Crate Training, Dog Socialization, Corgi documents – useful information on taking care of a new Corgi puppy.

What's included in your puppy pack:

1. Dog Food Sample – We use Victor Hi Pro Plus for all of our Corgi puppies. We will send a zip lock bag full of this food to mix with the food of your choice if you decide to change brands.

2. Scented Toy – We send home a toy has been with the litter, so it will smell like mom and siblings to help your puppy’s transition his/her new home—

3. Poop Bags - these bags can handle any kind of duty. Make your walks a breeze with easy tear perforations, thicker leak-proof bags, and easy dispensing of pet waste bags when you need it.

4. Puppy Pads – We send a couple of puppy pads to help with you for your trip back home.

5. Slip Lead – This design is used for traveling home and works without a collar or harness. This is not a leash for everyday use.

6. Bow – we want your puppy to look extra cute on pick up day!

Corgi Puppy Supplies: What Do I Need to Buy?

We send home a few things to get your Corgi puppy off to a good start but you will need to purchase a few more items to make having a new puppy a little easier!

Dog Food:

We love Victor and we use Victor Hi-Pro plus formula for all of our Corgi puppies. VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus is a nutrient-dense, multi-meat formula packed with high levels of quality protein from beef, chicken, pork and fish meals. Formulated specifically for active dogs, this high energy dog food supports the nutritional needs of growing puppies, pregnant & lactating females, and high-performing active dogs. With scientifically advanced and nutritionally complete ingredients, this gluten free, high protein dog food promotes sustained energy and healthy immune and digestive systems.

Food and Water Bowls: Stainless steel bowls are best for keeping away yucky germs and bacteria. We also like used raised food bowls for our adults.

Cage or Crate: Whether you decide to crate train or not it's a good idea to have a crate on hand. We also love these foldable X pens. You can connect a crate to a pen and make the perfect play area for when you are away.

Harness: We recommend using a harness with a Corgi. In our experience, corgis seem to pull out of a collar easier than other breeds. Harnesses are not as easy for your Corgi to escape from. After some training you may want to transition your Corgi to a collar. (most trainers recommend collars)

Old towels and blankets: While your puppy is crate training you may want to have some extra towels on hand. After your puppy is crate and potty trained you can invest in a crate bed.

Brush: This double sided pet comb has a different number of teeth on each side. The lower density side is a dematting rake for matts and tangles. The higher density side is a detangler, deshedding tool, and undercoat rake. Great for the double coat of your corgi!

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