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What our past customers are saying about their Lucky Pup

two Pembroke Welsh Corgis from LuckyPups

Lizzie (Zoe x Yadi) & Winston (Millie x Yadi)

We have been so blessed to own two Lucky Pups. In 2020, we got our sweet Lizzie from Zoe and Yadi's litter. She had us laughing and in love from Day 1! She is the sweetest, kindest corgi. We never knew that our hearts could love something so much. In 2021, we thought our family needed a little excitement. So, we got our cuddle buddy, Winston from Millie and Yadi's litter. He is constantly in to something, and his tongue is always hanging out. But, he will snuggle and cuddle all day and night if you let him! These two pups are our children and we love to spoil them rotten! Working with Kristen at Lucky Pups Corgis and Shelties was a breeze. She truly cares for her pups and it shows in the corgis we got to bring in to our home. They both were easy to train, have the best temperament, and have been the picture of health. We will always get our corgis from Lucky Pups!

Karrie M. 

Bartlett, Tennessee

Tri Pembroke Welsh Corgis from LuckyPups


This is my Lucky pup Zoey!  She was born in November 2016 and I was blessed with her January 2017. She is the absolute best dog!  She is a good listener, very smart, and loves people, especially kids!  She loves her squeaky toys and playing fetch with a stick. I thank God every day that she came into my life!

Becky V.

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